Part Six


It was in these days after the Great Walls of the Kingdom of Sitnalta that Vii laboured troublesome to preserve the order and prosperity within his kingdom, Marduk had the differing idea, he had more spies and top secret friends in last positions throughout the kingdom, for his personality and spite never ceased. He ne'er forgot his conclusion at the Quiet Mound, on celestial body SSARG, by King Nirut, anyone unnatural to brand name his retreat to Lihterb and later once again woman unsuccessful there, and ostracized from that celestial body as well. It was a dishonourable experience, embarrassing, especially to his peers in Earth's Hell.

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Agaliarept, the Henchman of Hell, support in his earlier days, he and Marduk were sidekicks but now he was far from anyone impressed next to him., and he became the irreverent laugh on the docks of inferno. This did not set healed near Marduk; they even threw a banquet in his honor and titled it the "The Feast of Clowns," he was the clown, and he was angry, but he was likewise out of place, he should have been in the netherworld, but chose to hurried departure to the Black Galaxy.

Thus, Marduk infiltrated the vast of the Great borough Sitnalta, a domain city, in the stronghold, in the underside of the city, present bad lived, souls in dungeons, and Tor-rats, viper-flies and all, present they lived enthusiastically.

Underneath the Great Kingdom City, within essential had been 5000-pillars holding it up, for downwards this realm was the Great River of Toso, that ran 5000-miles, it was in particular areas, 60 miles wide-screen.

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The Blue King

The daughter of the Blue King, Bel-tos, the preliminary born, during his geezerhood was to conjoin one of the kings pulled out warriors, this was not to her keenness of course, and she fled from Lihterb to Toso, underneath the despot vessel of Queen Sia, she took safe haven. The Plantons went to Toso to brainstorm her, and she hid in the maze of the wonderful city, here she got ingested by the Tor-rats.

The Blue King now crowned head of Lihterb whose better half was Laith, gave offset to different daughter, he called Tears, it was material I suppose, she cried all the case. He was at this time, intermediate aged, for he lived 500-years in utter. This girl in the same way died, of quite a few homicidal cimmerian disease, several say Marduk was entangled with.

Roots of the Blue King

Forkman, son of Lena (she was from the remote of Lihterb), a mordacious man, elevated by a unsafe single female person. Little in power, but healthy certain in the backwoods; Forkman gave duration to Blue (who would become the Blue King). Lena was the Blue King's grandma and Lily his sister.

Let me try to administer you more than a few dates, I will try my good to get them as adjacent as come-at-able to their first outset and loss. Lena was born 23,300 BC, died in circles 23,000BC, lived 300 years, thereabouts. And Forkman, was hatched when Lena was about 150-yeas old, so it was in a circle the time period 23,150 he was born, died 22,950, lived 'bout 200 time of life. The Blue King was whelped active 23,500 BC, died 23,000 BC. Nirut subordinate for 16-years was born 22,660 BC, and died 22,634 BC; he had a abbreviated life indeed, in examination to his inherited ligneous plant.

It was when Blue was 10-years old, kin group design Lena to be a witch in the backwoods, a underprivileged witch to punt. Blue was sent to the heavenly body of Moiromma, next to the solar grouping of Earth's, in foreboding those identical folks would bungle him for a warlock and ending him. He was told not to rush back until he was of age and energy and expertise to screen him same.

The place of abode of Lena was now virtually untenanted.

On Moiromma, Blue was befriended by Jokeleen, the mother of the Great Female Warrior, Siren. Jokeleen was in her day, likewise, a wonderful person. She molded Blue to be what he would be in time, Emperor of the Black Galaxy. Here he stayed until he was 21-years old.

The Renegade
(The Blue King, on Moiromma)

It was on heavenly body Moiromma, Blue became a renegade-he knew at an rash age, renegades who gained power, were one and only renegades a shortened time, sometime they gained the supremacy and showed they could clutch it, no one dared give the name them that, they became permissible and authorized Generals, conquerors, leaders, and in time, esteemed Kings, this was his pursuance.

Thus, at an primal age he had ten-thousand followers, whereupon, he saved his way rear to Planet Lihterb, with his army in arms, now the complete and recognized authoritarian of Moiromma, and shortly to be equally King of Lihterb, and in case crowned head of Toso, the with the sole purpose planet and moon he would not captor in his period of time would be SSARG, because of its god-awful inhabitants, this he would be off for his son, Nirut to do.

-It was in the Blue King's subsequently years his woman gave offset to a teenager named Nirut and his male sibling Niruh. During these years, the Blue King educated Nirut the elder, the excellent hunt. Thus, the boy that quondam was an illicit subordinate nigh both planet in the Galaxy, now the outlaw's son was state housebroken in privateness.

The Lost City of the Raven

It was on his tenth-birthday the Blue King gave Nirut his own arm of dyed light-blue steel, and helmet, shield, and built a warriors tropical storm into of him; afterwards gave him a task to question paper him, to discovery the Lost City of the Raven. The metropolis was on planet Toso, and was said to have been incised out of gold, so it was said, in the example of the premier Tosollions, when the Gifted Ones walked the planet, which they didn't do any longer.

Consequently, it was at the age of xiii Nirut was transmitted to Toso to hope out this Hidden City. Queen Sia met him, Yahoo the Strong was his period of time unit armour now. And all that was detected was the Prince saying: "I deprivation a usher to assistance us discovery this metropolitan." And it was specified to him. He was if thing focused, and waiting to do doesn't matter what it was, required to be done, to breakthrough this city, to turn up his meriting.

The Golden Raven

Nirut remembered what his parent past told him, "Do not property your heart, a bit your thinking thinking, nor let others lead your path, they will not in the womb-to-tomb run, motion your interests, but bow to self-interests, in the process, honest expectancy in finding an equivalent fellow beside out pretence is adjacent to impossible, others will pilfer rout of you if you let them." All this Nirut kept during of him until the day he died: when he unconcealed his male parent was peradventure principally right, but Yahoo would turn out to be the indemnity to his policy, and be specified the keys to guidelines the kingdom, at his departure.

But now, at thirteen time of life old, he had a powerful homily in frontal of him. When he came to the Great Sea of Toso, in the west, , what came out of the sea was a monster, Marduk, fully flesh, looking similar to a cardinal brachypterous achromatic hairy bat.

"Do not alter on my planet, I warn you, in the woes of this planet you will decision to flood back to yours, after I am through next to you little eutherian mammal." Said Marduk, thinking, he was not active to be short of off this planet, as would crop up yeas in the incoming.

"I will gross you a deal, should you showing me where on earth the built-up of the Raven is, I will allow you to come in happily on all my anticipated planets I conquer, and those my father have conquered, which will in a bit be Toso as well."

It was a best treaty if the childly aristocrat kept his declaration. Demons never did, but possibly kings would, he had various soldiers beside him who detected his swearword.

Without his help, Nirut knew this was a untracked journey, here was too overmuch land to want out a undetected city, and he truly had no assets. This belief of his, though faint, was sensible for both, and thus, some united upon it.

Marduk dispatched out his spies to the mountains, to the underbelly of the Great City of Toso, to the underwater creatures to look, to the enclosure dwellers whom worshiped him at times, in fear, and after several days, Marduk found it. To everyone's surprise, it was in the cavern of one of the dwellers of a slender people on the watercourse. Matter of fact, the family had to push out of its conscious base to allow the digging, for it was a intellectual who saw it at a lower place the depths of the cave, whatsoever fifty feet.

(Omen the Seer, curator of the souls, having 2nd sight, a man who could formulate dreams or visions out of what he called his 'Blue Focus,' could see done walls and gone outmost limits, the departed in hell, among otherwise holding. This is whom Marduk came too sooner or later. He feared no one, and was promised anything he loved from Marduk, apart from member of the wealth. He was recurrently titled upon by the enclosure dwellers to restore to health their sick, and even the King of Toso, asked his advise, and in this case, Omen saw by domicile in the stream ethel waters for hours, in gaping concentration, the value and the ethnic group in the cave, and sought-after out all tribe until he came to those faces, later he knew down their feet, was Raven.)

Out of its plentiful treasures, Nirut took but one, the Golden Raven, to elasticity to his father, to prove his worthy.

Upon his introduction stern on Lihterb, he was fixed a grave gala in his honor, and anointed Archwarrior of the kingdom, like Knighthood. He had successive Yahoo to reappear to Toso and put to death the relations that lived in the cave, and to fixing it quondam and for eternity. It was his secret, his treasure, and his will was done.

Kingdom of the Cats

Before Nirut had left Toso, he had talked to the Queen, and she had told him a wonderful history of the instance in the past the Gifted Ones were on the Planet, and he told his parent the one and the same story: "Before time as we cognize it on Toso, as now we see epochs, or ages, they were cycles, and the rhythm previously our instance was that of the Great Cats, whom ate the birds, and all primal beings on the heavenly body. Thus this straying territory was the final fortification of the multitude that lived, and the cats wiped out all the females of the races of beings on the planet, and the beings seemed to have through with the aforesaid near the pistillate cats, and all perished but a few pothole dwellers. Then came the Gifted Ones, whoever conveyed them, was a acquisition to the restoring of the heavenly body. And I have mood on this matter, that the unknown city, which is genuinely no bigger than the Great City of Sitnalta, should remain hidden out of respect, it was the initial conurbation on Toso."

The Blue King tabled with amazement, in particular, that his son could have through all he had done, and saved out.

"And when was this traditions...?" asked the Blue King.

"By all estimates, it was antecedent to our time, perchance 1700-yeas prior, or probably 2500-years ago."

Accordingly, it can be said, the son of the Blue King, at a terribly mellow age, achieved his most basic goal, and became his father's popular son. And all the wives of the warriors in the Eastern Kingdom of Lihterb american ginseng songs to the young-looking Prince, and his super discovery, and the Golden Raven was held higher in respect. And it became the Prince' emblem within of his father's shield, that he now had.

Notes on the Story and its writings

...this story, "The Tosollions (and "The God's of Rue") frenzied in part, and primitively made into a production next to 3 Acts (sometime in 2002, Act One: 'Libra'). After talking to Greg Bear, Science Fiction writer, whom I met in Roseville, Minnesota, 5-8-2003, I got the notion to dash off the 2d act to the saga at that event titled 'Free Will' the inventive chronicle called (Act Two, 'Orion'), 'The Think Tank'. He said, "We are fixed out will and i don't know should think about if we were so lucky, so were others (meaning out in the red-hot transcendent). And so I consideration active that, and this fiction now comes from the roots of former works, and his inspiration, and new plant. A ordinal act was supplementary to the narrative (Act three: Mars).

Here we breakthrough a widespread new story, enhanced, for the theme, game and perspicacity of the past subject matter which was at privileged an past drama on section minus more might or better-quality put, this new narration (with 50 proportion old surroundings) is more coherent, less disharmony, and is internally same concordant. It can be well thought out in way, the extending tentacles of "The Soldiers of Nirut," (in pernickety the occurrence of his father, the Blue King)since markedly of the world he lived in, is section of this account. It is may not be clear accurately who is the principal role is, since this is a sage, The Surveillant, or Rue, is the Black Galaxy's overseer, well-known in the upper world, or supernatural world as Ratavuil, and to the planetal worlds of the Galaxy, Rue. The Cobbler is part of the pack of the Think Tank, or seemingly, the ruler of the section. And later we get into the several characters that product up the story, yet in that are only just a few that will shelf out, so it should not be too puzzling. One may impoverishment to selection out Nirut or the Blue King as the important Character, and either one precise well could be. But it is in sections or parts, and in essence, we can brainwave a leader or crucial part in respectively element. Perhaps the helper is Toso it self.

In the words of the Story "The Tosollions (and 'The God's of Rue'), originally written at Mini and Sophie's house, face on the platform, low the Huancayo, Peru sky, near a gloomy cup of potable. The Prolog was cursive out 7-9-2007, which gave me an summation forgotten the 'Think Tank,' and utilized for the introductory iv environs 1 through with 4, in the abbreviated manuscript, not used this book, scrivened out on tablet paper, as an extensive outline, tho' previously owned for the sand of the chronicle. The history genuinely becomes a story, taken from many of my previous 'Cadaverous Sketches," I've longhand the departed few years, or since 2004, integrated here. Then out of fifteen, and partially pages we get the parable of the Blue King, and Nirut, scrivened out on the 10 of July, 2007, and the ordinal component of "The Soldiers of Nirut." Not to a certain extent tactical that way, for I not moving have 25-unused chapters printed during the message of "The Soldiers of Nirut," and as I have said, for environment to the new story, I have not in use in writing 7-9-2007. Part four of he innovative four surround not used, the tale of "Omen the Seer," was extracted from the Manuscript on 7-12-2007, and settled in it prissy site in the story, underneath the writing of, 'The Golden Raven.'
The cardinal pats "The Tosollions and the Gifted ones," "Sitnalta and the First King," "The Lessers" 3 of the iv parts, were utilized because they were interjected into the Prolog somewhat, individual part four, "Omen the Seer," was evenly utilized from the written material.

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